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Summer months: Keeping children cool
12 Jun 2018


During the heights of summer babies and young children are at a highe risk of dehydration, heat stroke and exhaustion.


Here are our tips:


Sun protection (SPF)


Babies aged 6 months or less should be kept out of direct sunlight, at this age their skin only contains a small amount of melanin, which is what our body uses to protect us from sun burn.

It will not hurt to also apply a high factor SPF to young children and babies, even if they are permanently kept in the shade.


Avoid dehydration


When heading outdoors with young children, always ensure you have enough dehydration supplies for both yourself and the youngster.

If you are breastfeeding, it may be wise to consider that your infant may be more thirsty than usual.


Keeping cool


Playing in a paddling pool placed in the shade of your back garden is a fun and easy way to keep your child cool. It also offers easy supervision.

Similarly, running your child a cool bath before bed ensures comfort whilst they sleep.

It may be wise to also keep the blind/curtains in your child’s room drawn during the day. This ensures the sunlight coming through the window does not contribute to the heat in the room.

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