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Summer months: Travel hygiene
27 Jun 2018

If you have ever stepped off an airplane with stained, creased clothes, dry skin, a blocked nose and a jet-lag induced headache, then you know how tricky staying clean and rested whilst travelling can be, but if you are properly prepared, your plane journey can be much more pleasant.




Whilst we all know the necessity of washing hands not only whilst traveling but also in day to day life, sometimes this is simply not enough or is sometimes not an option. Carrying a travel size hand sanitizer amongst your travel essentials ensures that your hands remain germ-free and also gives you the chance to freshen up before or after airplane meal time.




Sitting on a long-haul flight can often leave your skin feeling dehydrated and dirty, some in-flight essentials should include a favourite light moisturiser to lock in skins moisture, a favourite lip balm to avoid lips becoming chapped and perhaps some facial wipes or a small cleanser that you could make use of half way through your flight.  




We have all been in the situation of feeling as though our oral hygiene has not been at its best during those travelling days. Aside from breath mints and chewing gum, there are other ways to keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Carrying a disposable travel tooth brush and paste is always helpful, especially when on an overnight flight. Fresh fruit also freshens up the mouth, especially tangy fruits such as green apples and pineapple. Similarly, water and lemon will help too.




One easy tip for feeling fresh after a flight is to bring a change of clothes in your hand luggage. This doesn’t have to be a whole outfit but changing in to a freshly washed T-shirt or a new pair of socks will help you freshen u and change

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