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Summer months: Skin & hair tips
17 Jul 2018


Skin & hair tips


Dry heat and the sun’s rays can cause immense damage to our skin and hair. Protecting them is not as easy as it sounds, but it is essential in order to keep them looking and feeling healthy.




  • The first and most obvious skin care essential is SPF, not only can this prevent burns but it can also stop long term sun damage that may age us quicker
  • Similarly, it is essential to apply SPF regularly, applying once in the morning is not enough
  • A tan for summer is trendy, but it indicates sun damage. After being out in the sun, slather after sun all over your body and face
  • Carrying a spray bottle of cool water mixed with aloe Vera and cucumber can help to refresh the skin if out and about. Spritzing throughout the day will provide relief and keep your skin glowing
  • For those with oily skin, summer can be a nightmare. We suggest avoiding heavy make-up, especially foundations, and opting for BB cremes and make up primers. This will prevent pores from becoming clogged and causing acne




  • The best way to prevent hair damage is by wearing a hat. If out and about or at the beach, a sun hat will be sure to keep your hair totally covered
  • Say no to a daily wash. It may seem absurd during the summer months, and showering daily is essential, but washing your hair every day means the scalp is stripped of its natural oils and can even lead to excessive oil production anyway
  • Skip the heat styling process and opt for a more natural look. This will save you the discomfort of being around hot styling tools, but it will also give your hair a break and a chance to renew
  • When applying SPF to your face try running the excess through the tips of your hair to create a light protective layer that will not turn out greasy


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