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Stroke Centre at Mediclinic City Hospital accredited by German Stroke Society
11 Apr 2018

Mediclinic City Hospital, part of Mediclinic Middle East, is proud to announce that its newly-opened Stroke Centre has earned accreditation from German Stroke Society and German Stroke Foundation for the quality of its services.

One of only very few dedicated stroke units in Dubai, the Stroke Centre offers patients suffering a stroke immediate, comprehensive, specialised treatment, according to the latest scientific and technical standards.

The main objective of the Stroke Centre is to improve prevention, treatment and prognosis for our patients. Numerous studies and analysis have shown that organised treatment by a specialist team in a stroke unit can significantly reduce both neurological deficits, such as paralysis or speech problems, as well as the mortality of stroke patients.

Treatment in the Mediclinic City Hospital Stroke Centre is interdisciplinary and carried out according to the maxim ‘Time is Brain’ which suggests that every minute a stroke is left untreated results in further damage to the neurons of the brain. The Stroke Centre has a 24-hour/365-day emergency service, the appropriate infrastructure with an intensive care unit, as well as specially trained nursing staff and a multidisciplinary medical team comprising trained stroke physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons and radiologists.
Dr. Derk Krieger, Consultant Neurologist at Mediclinic City Hospital, said: “Everyone involved with the Stroke Centre is very proud to have successfully achieved this accreditation; it is testimony to the fact that Mediclinic City Hospital has implemented the very latest treatment protocols for sufferers of stroke and that our multidisciplinary team comply with the very highest international standards in the quality of their care.”

Dr. Alessandro Terruzzi, Specialist Neurologist at Mediclinic City Hospital, added: ‘This certification is proof that we strictly follow our belief that ‘Time is Brain’ when it comes to treating our stroke patients. It means that the right staff attend to the patient within a defined critical timeframe which can help prevent stroke damage to the neurons of the brain. Everyone plays a critical role in the stroke treatment pathway and it starts with the one who can spot a person having a stroke and acts F.A.S.T. (learn about signs and symptoms of stroke at link

Dr. Suhail Abdulla Alrukn, President of the Emirates Neurology Society, also commented: “In the UAE there are more than 10,000 stroke victims a year, and many of them are younger than 50 years old. Stroke has many risk factors such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus, which are common conditions in modern countries including the UAE. It’s a great milestone for the private healthcare sector to have an accredited Stroke Centre which complements those in public hospitals.”

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